Adobe Flash Player plugin – free to install, update, obsolete, remove non-working and download the latest version?

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Today we will talk about the plug-in Flash Player (or plugin or add-on). This is a special program extends the capabilities of the browser, in order that he could display the items.


  1. Why the need for Adobe Flash Player
  2. How to check whether Adobe Flash is installed and what version is used
  3. How to install Flash player on Firefox, Chrome and Opera
  4. How to install Flash Player in Yandex browser
  5. As the Adobe Flash Player plugin update
  6. If the Adobe Flash plugin is useful, but not
  7. The problem with a disabled plugin

Why the need for Adobe Flash Player?

Why the need for Adobe Flash Player?

If the plugin is missing or outdated, then instead of some of the blocks on the website, we see a Fig grey empty rectangle, sometimes accompanied by a message about the problem.
Accordingly, instead of the site logo, made on Flash technology I was shown a gray rectangle. If you do not have the Adobe Flash plugin, or is it the old version, the same problems will be waiting for you with some built-in video, online gaming and control sites, made by this technology.
As nowadays Flash is not uncommon, without the module, which is designed to work in browsers not do.
Solved it simple to install a special plugin developed by Adobe, in my example – it update.
How to check whether Adobe Flash is installed and what version is used
When you don’t know is there a plugin to display items, is to check for and, if it turns out that it is present, then see what version you’re using. It happens that the plugin is even very fresh and is not running. In this case, the update it makes no sense, as there is some glitch and reinstalling is unlikely to help. It is necessary to completely remove Flash Player and again to put – below I’ll show you how to do it correctly.
To test the operation using the official Adobe website, here is this page – check the operation of the Flash Player. On it click the button «Check Now». The results will reflect the version number, the system data and the relevance of the installed plug-in.

Let us now consider, what if:

  1. The Adobe Flash plugin no
  2. Have an older version of Flash Player
  3. Everything is there, but not working.

How to install player for Firefox, Opera, Chrome?

Here is what I wrote about the installation of browser plugins, but the Flash plugin can be put simply and now I will give detailed instructions.
First we need to download the latest version of Flash Player, it’s free and available on developers website, so if you’re offered to download or upgrade a plug-in for the money – it’s crooks.
Open the page –
There is automatically determined by the settings of your computer and prepares appropriate to your operating system and browser build. If you have windows, it will be Flash Player for windows, the same applies to browsers. I use Mozilla Firefox and I offer a matching option.
Additionally, Adobe offers to deliver programs that protect from viruses. Or not to use the proposal to decide everyone can own, but I prefer never to use add-ons and use a full-fledged antivirus programs, so, jackdaws removed.
After clicking install, some time prepared relevant to your build system and it automatically starts downloading. If you have configured to store all files in the downloads folder, the installation file will be there if you have done as I have – always ask where to save the file, then it will be necessary to specify where to save the distribution.
After launching the installation file, you will select one of the options of update mode: allow or not to install updates? The ban is not advised. Notify without installing worth picking up if you have a slow or trafficatissima connection to the Internet in order to choose the time when to download the update. In other cases, I recommend to give permission for automatic updates.
Then Adobe Flash Player installation starts.
At the final stage will receive a message that the Adobe Flash Player installed and to begin its work it is necessary to restart the browser – click the «finish» button and restart the browser – it should work.

How to install Flash Player in Yandex browser?

The question often arises with installing and updating the plugin on the browser Yandex. The problem is that at the moment this browser is not automatically determined by the Adobe site and Assembly of the plug-in must be carried out independently – the choice of operating system and browser. But the list of browsers Yandex, again, no.
The solution is already shown in the picture. As Yandex browser is running on the engine, Chromium (read Chrome), then to install and upgrade Adobe Flash Player in Yandex browser, select about Opera and Chromium (on scrisori it is highlighted by dashed lines).

As the Adobe Flash Player plugin update?

Let’s start with the fact that the player usually installed automatic monitoring of new versions (selectable during installation) and if they appear you can see here such message:
Naturally, I click «Install» and the program is automatic all upgrade.
Another thing, when automatic updates are disabled, or there is a failure and the message that I gave at the beginning of the article is that the plugin is outdated. In this case there are 2 options:

  1. Go the same way as installing the Flash Player described above.
  2. Click the mouse on the outside of the Flash element on the page or on the notification icon in the browser address bar – there you will see a link to update the plugin.
    A link, surprise “Update now…”, leads to the same page, as if it were installed. So, anyway, now we’re back to the same upgrade/install the plugin.
    Summing up – the installation of the Flash Player that the upgrade procedure is completely identical.

If the Adobe Flash plugin installed but not working

Has been on my mind a case where Flash elements would not work in my browser. The update did not help. Install new version of Flash Player, but still writes that legacy.
It happens rarely, but if it was your case – you need to fix.
In this situation, we recommend that you first completely remove what is installed to the browser is now squeaky clean as a baby’s brain. After that re-installed the plugin.
To perform the operation using a special tool from Adobe Uninstal Flash Player.
The algorithm works with the following utility (it is described on the page, I will cite briefly):

  1. Download utility Uninstal Flash Plauer from the page above.
  2. Close all browsers and applications that may use Flash.
  3. Run the uninstall program and execute recommendations.
  4. Delete the contents of all the folders previously used Adobe Flash Player. To do this, open a command prompt (in the start-up tab the «standard» -> «run»). In the window make the following serially the commands below, press «OK» and delete the contents of the opened folder:
    • C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash
    • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash
    • %appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
    • %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player
  5. After cleaning reboot the computer.
    Now you can re-check the plugin by the method described in the beginning, he must show that you have the player installed. And re-downloaded the latest version of Flash Player from the Adobe website as I showed in the article, two paragraphs above.

The problem with a disabled plugin

Another example, when it should work, but doesn’t work. You may have installed the latest version of Flash Player, but the plugin does not start to handle the necessary elements – he’s just disabled in your browser settings.
Check its setup.
In Mozilla Firefox in the upper right corner, expand the tab «Open menu» and then select «add-Ons».
On the left, choose «Plugins» in the list «ShockWave Flash» – on the contrary it might stand for «never activate» or «enable on demand», set «always include».
For Yandex browser settings plug-ins is opened by typing in the address bar command:
Opposite of the Adobe Flash Player, check «always Run»:
For Chrome and Opera the same page is opened by typing in the address bar:
If the plugin for some strange reason disabled the switch.