Engraving on metal by laser

Ноябрь 8, 2019 0 Автор Дмитрий

Hello! Today I will tell you what is engraved on the metal with a laser. Using a small laser power: 500 – 1000 mW it is possible to perform high-quality engraving on metal surfaces, such as key chains, knives and sheath, key chains.

Surface preparation

Steady demand among the craftsmen use laser engravers, CNC. Myself use this wonderful device (already several) in their work. I have to say that just go and burn the text or pattern semiconductor laser of such power will fail (well, it is weak to metal). How can I do? The answer comes from the school course of physics, namely, the need to use electrolysis. Simple – etching.

Consider the whole process on the example of the engraving of the badge of stainless steel.
First, prepare a drawing which will be transferred to the metal, in this article the stage of drawing and load the drawing into the machine I miss. Features of CNC machine tools we will consider in another article.
«Poison» will be in solution, so the entire surface of the chip, in contact with the solution, needs to be protected. Protect it with nitrocellulose lacquer or paint. Is an excellent choice for this nail Polish. In my experience I would say that Polish off the «second half» it is better not to steal, and to ask to give unnecessary. If the act is otherwise possible, that is to say, a major conflict.
Once the varnish is dry, loads of coin in the machine and the burn pattern.

Etching ornament

Here actually begins the process of engraving.
Prepare a plastic tub, any, just got the badge. Carefully scrape the lacquer from the edge of the badge (where there is no contact with liquid) and using clothespins, fasten the chip on the edge of the bath, placing it on the wire (to it connect from the power supply or battery). At a distance of about 5 cm at the bottom of the bath put a bolt or other metal object and feed on him » — «.
Prepare a solution for etching in the proportion: 1 teaspoon of salt per glass of warm water. Pour the solution into the tray and offers current.

I use power supply 12v/1A, the current adjust rheostat wire – the smaller the current, the better (but slower) etching. Image size 3 x 5 cm is etched for about 5 minutes. In any case, first, it is recommended to select all modes on any unnecessary spatula, and then do the engraving on the product.
The solution is used once when re-etching it needs to be replaced.
After etching the product in a tampon washed off the varnish. After paint removal, I washed the coin in the water and polished using a hand engraver with a felt tip.
Engraving on metal by laser is quite capable and you must try )