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Ноябрь 8, 2019 0 Автор Дмитрий

The most advanced domestic fair handmade is of course a trading platform — «Fair of masters». It is a «truncated» analog overseas site Etsy, about Etsy can be read HERE. The creators would very much like to do the fair like a parent (even in English translated), but it turns out not very. The idea that a good master can exhibit their work, to use the descriptions in their native language, to receive for their work is worthy of reward…

What’s not to like:

2 years of communication with this resource any sales (this is without an infusion of money to the store), and for comparison, on the German DaWanda, which worked generally something like, I had one sale a month, at least! So, either pay or sit and Gunda… Probably so.
Notice the mail did not come even once. Free can put only 3 items, but even these products still have to try to find in the search.
So maybe someone knows how to sell at the fair masters, but for me it remains a mystery.

When buying goods, too, there are strange moments: make a purchase, then debited from the master who had bought, negotiated with them the terms (if masters a dozen each write), and then transfers the money to him (through Sberbank online as a rule, i.e. in case of a conflict situation to get the money back is almost impossible). If the master will send the track number, fine, if not – wait in the dark. In General, nedorobotki-S.
Maybe it’s just me so, but I write based on my personal experience – as I was, this opinion was formed. In the debate on this occasion to join definitely will not )

That is quite happy with:

But not so bad at this fair handmade, there are good moments. About them and tell:

  • Fair of the masters is a great raw resource, because in addition to hand made items here sell wood, leather, metal and blanks from these materials. For example, boxes for painting, blank wooden eggs, dolls, bells, etc. the prices of billet in different – often taken «from the ceiling» — is that before ordering one piece a walk through the shops in town and it turns out that for the same price you can buy not one, but three. And don’t wait until it came to you.
    in the process of working with this platform I was fortunate to establish business relations with several masters, and they have purchased to this day. All will explain, will make additional photos will be sent quickly and the service I need.
    Another site:
    In addition to the «Fair» in Runet there are more sites, with one of them I work, it’s «Indie.»
    Here there is a paradox – the service of this resource does not differ from the discussed above. But…
    Sale with Indy, let sluggish, but go. It is also despite the fact that the area is not so hyped as «Fair».
    Mystery, and only.

At the end of this article I want to advice for new sellers:
register for both these sites (at least the free account), try, maybe your product will. Time-consuming a bit, and the result might be. But at least for me, the purchase of raw materials for its products is a very good result of communication with these resources.