How reduce size photos online?

Декабрь 2, 2019 0 Автор Дмитрий

Today, dear readers, we will work on reducing the size of the photo in bytes and pixels online services. In this age of digital technology, who takes pictures on tape, almost all use digital cameras and cameras. As a result, we have the pictures as files.


• Online services reduce the size of the photo in bytes (KB, MB)
• Online services reduce the size of photo in pixels
• Which is to reduce the picture?
Image files are different, but are usually used 2 format is jpg (jpeg) or png. Rarely used gif – this format is more suitable for animated images. The use of «numbers» when photographing is convenient because you can easily change the parameters and characteristics of the original images.
Before proceeding to describe the online methods of photo reduction, we need to understand what we mean by that.


  1. The decrease in the volume occupied by the file on the media (number of bytes), while maintaining the quality
  2. The reduction of linear dimensions of the image (width and height in pixels).
    Below we consider both the minimization of the pictures.
    Online services to reduce the size of the image file
    In order to reduce the size of photos online with no loss of quality there is no need to use a graphics editor and directly open the image. To this end, we will use the services that you just loaded the picture file, there is converted, and the output is downloaded the smaller file.
    Allows you to simultaneously download up to 20 files. Supports jpg and png formats. The results of processing gives the download link on each individual thumbnail file and shared a link to an archive with all the reduced images.
    I uploaded a regular photo with your camera, as you can see, the service has reduced their size by almost half.
    Results can be saved not only on computer, but in cloud storage Dropbox.
    Service for the optimization of photos, similar to the previous one. With the help of special algorithms it allows to significantly reduce the size of the photo. At one time processed up to 20 images. Optimizilla favorably with tinypng presence of the settings – there is an opportunity to choose the compression level by moving the slider to the right. In addition, the preview function of the obtained variant – it is possible to reduce the picture to an acceptable quality level.
    By default, Optimizilla determines how much you can compress the file without loss of quality. This level is adjustable manually by a slider on the right. The example is 83% quality, which reduced the file size by 63% (from 2.3 MB to 856 KB). Supports png and jpg extensions.

Online services to reduce photo size in pixels

Tools that reduce photo size in pixels, of the online much more. Will handle any graphics editor, but there are special sites that specialize specifically on reducing the number of points in the width and height of the image file..
Below we consider a few simple «umanistica» pictures, which are intended solely for such work and a full online service that is able to edit the image in full (the online equivalent of Photoshop), among its functions include reducing the size.

    Convenient service to reduce the geometric size of the images.
    Supports simultaneous work with 10 files. Allows you to specify for every single width and height. Has configuration degrees of quality, that is, we can not only linear dimensions to change, but the file size is adjusted. An additional feature of the service is the ability to convert a photo to jpg or png and fill up one, get another.
    After processing the downloaded file.
    This service is specially configured to prepare images for posting on the Internet. The default is the standard size of 640 pixels, often used on websites. If desired, you can manually enter numbers with the desired number of pixels in width and height.
    The result is given not only as a download link, but in the form of code to paste into a forum (bb-code) and standard for websites HTML code.
    If you need a place to share photos, downloadable, reduce to the desired size, copy the code and paste photos to the desired place conveniently.
  3. Online image editor
    Is a complete graphic editor, which can replace at home Photoshop. To get started, go here –
    Top left check box to select Russian language. Further through the menu «File» – «Open from my computer» load the picture.
    After this, the menu «Image», go to «image Size»
    The form indicates the desired new size of the photo in pixels or percentage. If necessary to maintain aspect ratio checkbox checked. All indicated – click on «OK».
    – online
    Then from the top again, click the File tab, and choose the «save to My computer».
    The editor itself has a lot of useful functions, so I decided to show it to you, though, to directly reduce the size of images it is less convenient than the specialized online services. But, in Sumopaint you can get online to add your photo to labels or apply any effect.

Why out of pictures

We have considered two different approaches to the reduction of images, each of them has its own purpose. Consider both:

  1. The decrease in the volume of the file
    When photographing or creating images using graphics editors, image file encoded in a special way. Sophisticated encoding algorithms to describe I do not see sense, especially since he does not own them so deeply, to deeply cover the topic, but the General sense is to make sure that the image was high quality, but took up little space on the media.
    These algorithms differ in different devices and programs, so, the size of the pictures made by one camera is a few megabytes (MB) and the other camera will make a picture and pack it in a couple hundred kilobytes (KB) is at the same geometrical dimensions (width and height in pixels).
    Accordingly, applying the «heavy» pictures of the other filters, we can reduce its size several times. Note that this does not affect quality.
  2. The reduction of linear dimensions of the image
    This implies reducing the number of pixels (px) in width and height. For example, there is a photograph with a resolution of 2000 px by 1000px, and we make it 500×250.
    In this conversion the quality inevitably drops due to the fact that several starting points are replaced by one. In the example above we 4 times reduced the height and 4 times the width, respectively 1 px new photo combines old 16 px.
    Naturally, this size change leads to a decrease in the size of the image, but it’s a side effect.
    Whether to apply such compression?
    Definitely worth it, but not everywhere and not always. If it’s your family photo and you want in the future to print them on paper, the low resolution does not allow to make prints on sheets of large size (get boxes).
    Another thing, if you need to upload those family photos on the page of Vkontakte or to tie in as avatars to their profile – here the scale of the photos is larger than a certain level will not be noticeable, as limited by the size of the pages on the site.
    For example, the entire width of the working part of my site a little more than 1000px, if I want to put the image in 2000px, it will either come out outside, or I’ll compress it to manageable size. When you reduce the browser size quality is lost, and the place that photo is on the hosting, will still be the maximum.
    Therefore, I reduce the size of all the images and upload files with the necessary parameters width and height.
    And here endeth the lesson, now you can adjust the size of pictures to fit your need to randomly change their size in kilobytes and pixels.