How to convert Word document to PDF format

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All most of us in everyday life have to deal with electronic documents of different formats and less to work with paper. Unfortunately, there is no one standard type of electronic document that would be amiss at all occasions.


  1. Why you need a doc, docx (Word) and why use pdf?
  2. Convert using Microsoft Word
  3. Saving to pdf using OpenOffice
  4. Free software to transfer Word to pdf
  5. Online services to convert
    It often happens that you need one file format (say, pdf), and available in another (for example, doc or docx). We have to think how to convert them. Today I will show several ways how to convert word to pdf free and without any problems, using 3 different approaches: Standard office software, Special application and Online services for conversion.

Why the need for Word and PDF formats?

Different types of files, at a glance, performing the same functions, are rarely created out of the blue, most often, each of them has unique features and is used to fulfil its tasks. No exception and Word PDF despite the fact that he and the other generates text and graphic information in the same way, designed for different purposes.
This article is not an educational program dedicated to the mission of doc, docx and pdf files, so I will give the essence in a short form, and we will go directly to the topic of conversion.
Word with his doc (old version) and docx (the new version) is designed to create text documents from scratch, that is, a set of text and insert the required graphic elements. Saving to files with an extension doc or docx allows you to edit the created document at any time by any user using Microsoft Word.
Word documents need to create files from scratch with the possibility to edit them.
PDF format (Portable Document Format) was initially created as an electronic analog of printed editions (books, magazines). That is the file that can be read and printed, but cannot be changed – a kind of protection adjustments.
PDF is universal, as is supported by all devices, regardless of operating systems and versions, each device and each program its content looks the same.
Of course, there are ways to correct it, using special software (such as Foxit Phantom, etc.) in the final pdf document you can make small changes, but major changes to the structure, it can not be.
Files in PDF format are the end product, which does not imply changes after they are created (only view and print).
Creates a pdf from scratch, as doc, and the conversion of documents drawn up using other editors (textual or graphical).

All of this leads to the following:
• Word to PDF convert easy
• Convert PDF to Word significantly harder.
Now back to the conversion. Because pdf files are not a set of text and images, and conversion from other document types, the process of receiving them from source is quite simple and available to anyone.

Convert with Microsoft Word

Since the 2007 version of Word is able without assistance to create files in pdf format. Before such chips was not necessary to resort to other programs or add-ons.
The function for saving to pdf has significantly simplified the process of creating electronic books and other important documents that require to keep the copyright. We just work with any test document (rtf, doc, docx), write, insert pictures, format as necessary and when the process is complete, save not wordscom file and in pdf.
You can save the file not as a whole, but only individual pages, and sometimes is required. To do this in the save dialog click the options button and set the desired settings file.
You can choose one of two options quality – better or smaller size.
After clicking on “Publish” a pdf file will be ready.
If you have an older version of Microsoft Word (2003 or earlier), then read on. Although, in 2016, to meet such an old program it is necessary infrequently and their owners I would advise you to move on to something more modern. If you paid Microsoft the money to spend want, then the free OpenOffice and be better – weighs a little, supports all the new formats including docx.

Saving to PDF via OpenOffice Writer

If you use this free program to work with documents, you have the ability to convert Word documents to pdf in a similar way that new versions of Microsoft Office. Just open a file of any supported kind and make it export to pdf. Unlike Word here export is a separate menu, and not in a common pile «Save as».
Of the different settings of the generated pdf document OpenOffice head and shoulders above its rival. There are manual quality settings for images within a file, and the security tab that enables you to set passwords for the created file, as well as allow/deny/to impose restrictions on printing. It is possible to specify the initial window settings when opening the document via the tab “user interface” and much more. Of course, most of these functions are rarely used, but you never know you need – and they are.
Click “Export” and the document is ready.

Program to convert doPDF

Probably, in 99% of cases described above would be enough, but if you failed to solve the problem of standard office applications, come to the aid of a special program.
A free program to convert Word to pdf, which I recommend, called doPDF.
Download doPDF from its official website –
There are more paid version called novaPDF that can even reverse transformation to do, to extract from a pdf if anyone wants it, keep in mind.

How to use doPDF

Download the package from the site I wrote above. Install the program on your computer. If you leave the checkmark when you install, then your Microsoft Office will add a special add-in that allows you to make some General settings for the conversion. Honestly, I do not see sense in installing it, as the level of convenience it does not increase – it works without that just. So, the checkmark when you install can be removed.
In the result you have in your equipment list will be another device – a virtual printer with the name doPDF8.
Now, to get a pdf document we need to open a Word file, then go to the tab «Print» (note – not «save» and «print»).
In the printer list choose «doPDF 8». If you need not the whole document to be translated, specify a range of pages. Click «Print»
Opens the configuration window of the future pdf file. From top to specify the path where to save it. Then you need to choose the quality – the higher, the greater the volume. I recommend to tick the «Embed fonts», this option enables file used by the document fonts, is useful if the file will open on the device where the needed fonts are not installed – there will be different characters instead of letters.
That’s all the settings, the app is very simple.

Online services to convert

Sometimes there is a need to convert a text document to pdf using online services. For example, if you use someone else’s computer, where the old version of office and install additional programs not. Then the question arises, how from doc to do pdf some public funds.
There is a solution for such cases. Here are a few services that convert Word files to pdf directly online and on the computer you are downloading a ready-made option.

  1. С
    The page in question –
    Downloadable need files the output is pdf. Able to convert not only Word but also other formats supported simultaneous work with several documents – the whole pack can download.
    The page in question –
    In this service it is possible to download the source files from your computer. You can directly convert your Word to pdf files hosted on Google drive or Dropbox, there you can save the result.
    Page Converter
    This service is almost a twin brother to the previous implemented functionality, also works with cloud CEVISAMA to download and save files.
    This done by today, now you know what doc and pdf files, what is their fundamental difference and, most importantly, how you can easily and quickly convert a document from one format to another, preserving its content and structure.