How to delete messages on Skype (one or the correspondence as a whole)?

Ноябрь 28, 2019 0 Автор Дмитрий

Despite the remarkable commitment of the developers of Skype to make it into something terrible, this program remains one of the most popular ways of communication between Internet users. And many of us have faced a situation when you accidentally sent something completely wrong person, and dreamed of deleting messages. One of the advantages of the Skype messenger (what messenger) is the availability of this feature. Next I will tell you how you can quickly and easily delete messages in Skype, this can be done separately for each record, and delete a conversation entirely.

How to delete a private message in Skype

In previous versions of messenger you can delete it only fresh messages after a few hours they “put down roots” and could not be erased without the use of foreign special programs. It has now become easier and the time limit is not valid – you can clean their records after any amount of time.
To delete a message, right mouse button click on the message you want to eliminate.
In the drop-down menu, select the item «delete».
Will appear a confirmation window as in the screenshot, confirm the deletion.
Message deleted permanently, although I was able to restore shabby text. Now neither you nor your companion will be no trace of the deleted record, like it wasn’t there.

How to remove Skype all correspondence with the person

Sometimes arises the need to remove the entire correspondence with the person. To do this, the left menu, select the tab «chats», right click on the right click chat and a drop-down menu, select «delete conversation».

Will appear a confirmation window, please note that the chat user will be deleted only you, as the interlocutor remains. Confirm. When you delete a correspondence, the user remains in the list of your contacts disappears only the history of communication.

So easily we learned today to solve two technical problems when using the software, and now you know how to remove the Skype chats and how to delete messages on Skype.