How to enable screen sharing in Skype

Ноябрь 28, 2019 0 Автор Дмитрий

Over the past few years Skype has suffered a huge amount of changes, but the function allows you to share your screen with your contacts in real time has left untouched. Today’s article on tell me how to enable screen sharing on Skype and show on your desktop or open Windows programs to another person.

Why do I need screen sharing

Feature screen sharing allows you show everything that happens on the screen of your monitor right now and it allows you to:
• conduct a variety of lessons with visual information, for example to show presentation slides
• to help anyone with technical questions that are difficult to explain in words, but you can quickly show
• ask for help from a technician if you do not understand – just open your screen
• to watch replays graphics, or video files.
There are lots of applications of this function, it just depends on your imagination.
Skype allows you to turn on a demonstration not only of the entire screen, but in one particular window, which is handy if you don’t want to advertise all of their actions during the broadcast.

How to enable screen sharing in Skype

Step 1. Call
Make a call or video call and wait for the other person’s response.
Step 2. Include a demonstration of the screen
In the call window in the lower right corner click «screen sharing».

Step 3. The display settings
Opens the configuration window of the demonstration.
When you press the «demonstration screen» at the top of the screen opens drop-down menu. If necessary in this menu, you can switch to a demonstration of the application window, if this is not necessary, the switch is a custom audio computer and click «start demonstration».

In the demonstration window, in addition to the sound settings of the computer, you select a specific window to show. The source will only see the actions you make in the window, even if you switch to something else.

Step 4. The completion of the display or change mode
At any moment of the broadcast you can stop showing up or switch to a demonstration of the screen/window. These buttons are in the call box at the lower right corner. When switching the screen/window you can go to the settings of the demonstration.


Now you know how to share your screen with your interlocutor in Skype, it is not difficult. This is one of the most useful and allocates Skype among other modern messengers.
Of course, there are problems with the broadcasts, but usually they disappear after restarting the app or changing the Internet provider.