How to install and configure Skype on your computer.

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How to create an account in Skype, make a group call to enable screen sharing
Today’s article is devoted to one of the most popular programs for communication on the Internet is Skype. I’ll show you how to install and configure, but most importantly, you will learn how to use Skype and the most useful of his functions, which not everyone knows (send message, make a call, find contacts, enable screen sharing to make a group call, etc.).

How to install and configure Skype on your computer


Installing Skype on the computer
How to create a Skype account
The program’s interface
Search and add contacts
How to send a message
How to call via Skype
How to enable screen sharing

How to make a group call and chat.

Its popularity Skype has received thanks to the development of fast Internet and free to stream across the Internet, first audio and later video picture. Users around the world began free to chat is easy and fun.

Begin to study.

How to install Skype on a computer
To install Skype download the installation file from the official website – Download Skype.

The choice you will offer to install the software on various devices, we will consider Skype for PC. Currently available versions for both desktops and smartphones with tablets and even gaming consoles. Click «Download Skype for Windows».
Then run the downloaded file. The installation program takes only a few minutes, all you have to do is agree to the terms of use. Select the language and agree. We are waiting for some while to install.

installing skype on the computer

Voila, Skype installed on your computer, the welcome window asks you to enter your username for authorization.

How to create account in Skype

The program works individually for each user. If the account you have, specify if you use a program and go to registration. Currently you can login through social network Facebook to use your Microsoft account or Skype.

to register in Skype

Click «create account» to create a Microsoft account.

details for registration

Fill in all fields, including the captcha and click «create account».

enter the captcha

E-mail sent you an email to confirm, it is the security code that must be entered in the appropriate field. After the introduction click «next».

code security

The registration is completed. Finally, you will be prompted to test your microphone and camera, as well as set an avatar (use camera or upload a photo from your computer). All this can be done later in the settings, now just click “Continue”.

The program’s interface is Skype

Located on top of the control panel with drop-down menu. The left side is your avatar’s name and status, underneath the search bar, there are buttons below the main page – dial a room, create a new conversation and adding bots. Under the buttons is a list of contacts. Right large dialog box.

Statuses in Skype

Near text is visible your status in my example a green checkmark (meaning that I network), a total of five in Skype:

the network green – indicates that the user is logged in to the program and his computer is running (not sleeping)
no – yellow – program is included, but the user was away from my Desk or the computer in standby mode
do not disturb – red – turns off all sounds and pop-UPS program to not distract
offline – white with green rim / off the computer or the program, maybe the user is just not logged in
invisible – white with green rim – allows to actually be in the network, but other users know about it they won’t if you don’t write.
Some statuses change automatically, but any can be supplied manually – click on the status icon next to your avatar.

The difference between “offline” and “invisible” when manual switch is that the man sees all others, and “offline” will completely turn off the program, as if there is no Internet connection.

How to configure Skype

Consider the basic setup of Skype that you should consider before you start using the program. To open the main menu, press «tools» then «settings».

configuring Skype

Opens a window as shown in the screenshot below.

Autorun and auto-authorization

In the General settings you can remove or tick the box auto-run and auto-login. If you want your status to automatically change to “offline” after a period of inactivity, set the appropriate checkbox and specify the time.

Check sound settings

To do this, select the item “sound settings”. Choose your device and test your MIC and headphones – green bar should jump when talking into the microphone and when sound. Sliders you can change the volume of your microphone and speakers.

sound settings

Blocking messages from strangers
To block unnecessary messages from spammers can help section “security Settings”. You are invited to select one of two options: to receive messages and calls from everyone or only from people in your contact list. Accept messages only from your contacts list can save you from unnecessary spam.

security settings

In “Open for more” considered separately calls, video calls and chats, you all fit their needs.

additional security settings

Similar call setup doing in the tab “Calls”:calls the setting

How to search for and add contacts in Skype

To find a contact in the following ways. In the menu bar of Skype you need a drop-down menu «Contacts», there is «add contact» and «Search Skype directory».

You will be directed to the search bar in main window (but you can go directly to the search without the top menu) where you can type the name, Skype name or email. Then click «search Skype» and from the list select the desired contact.

After selecting the right person, you will see a message stating that it is not included in your list of contacts. Click the «Add to contacts», leave a comment about who you are or what are added so that people not decided that you are another spammer. Send the request.

You will not be able to see the personal data of the user until he approves your application, but your data is not added in the contact list view can not, therefore, need to review the application.

As soon as you run Skype after registration, your contact list already has two contacts – it’s bots. Bot Echo / Sound Test Service need to test the connection. Only the call function: call, listen to Voicemail, after the beep say, listen to yourself and evaluate, are you satisfied with the quality of your connection.

Bot Skype bot informer. Him you can neither call nor write. This bot will periodically send you tips or hints for using Skype.

How to send a message in Skype

You can email or call anyone except for those who should prevent the reception of messages and calls from your contact list.

To open the dialog box, just select the desired contact and tap on it with the left mouse button. In the message you can insert smiley, attach a picture or document to send the user’s contacts in your list. All of these functions is represented by the blue icons.

how to write messages in Skype

Sent the message you can edit or delete, simply click on it with the right mouse button and from the drop down menu to choose the appropriate option.

How to call on Skype

Button call and video call are in the dialog box above, next to the name of the interlocutor. To work the first microphone, the video conversation will be available only if you have a video camera.

click the call in Skype

During a call you can enable or disable video and microphone by clicking on the buttons with corresponding images. The plus button allows you to add additional users to the conversation.

button during a call

How to enable screen sharing in Skype
One useful feature is screen sharing. For its launch in the main menu, open the dropdown menu «Calls» and it is the appropriate option. It will be active during the call.

button screen sharing

For demonstration you can click the right mouse button on the desired contact in the list, in the popup menu, select «screen sharing». If you haven’t called a contact, it POPs up a window asking call.

request screen sharing

Screen display allows real-time show, what happens to you on the monitor. You can show the whole screen or a particular window.

sharing screen

After you select a region for the broadcast click «start». The display area will be highlighted in red. To interrupt the demonstration at any time, to do this, click the «stop broadcasting» or to end the call.

stop showing

Group call in Skype group chat
The ability to assemble a conference (group call) is a big plus Skype. You can create a group call method, which was described above when we discussed how to call (the plus sign in the panel when you call), or to finish, to do this you must click on the button with a person icon next to the buttons video call and call.

group call in Skype

In the list you choose your desired contacts and add them to the dialogue. To add people to the conference is free for all participants, but to remove only the Creator. From selected contacts will create a group chat, where everyone can write messages, and all at the same time to see the General conversation.

When a group call is active, attached to it, users can connect to the conversation or disconnect from it at any time. However, if the person who raised the conference (all called, it is not necessarily the Creator of the group), interrupt call, the call will be interrupted at all.

Group chat is running constantly, even if the call was not or it was interrupted. The correspondence is saved for all users.

The lesson is finished and you can use Skype to complete.