How to make a PowerPoint presentation step by step instructions

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Welcome dear readers. Today I will tell and show you how to make a PowerPoint presentation on the example version of the program 2016 (interface 2010 and 2007 differs a little, so according to the instructions you will be able to work with them). At first glance it may seem that creating a presentation is no big deal, but in fact, poorly thought out presentation can ruin all the impression of speech. Consider the design and content of the presentation, the function of slide show and the save formats of presentation files.

Getting started in PowerPoint

Start the PowerPoint program using «start» or the label (after it is installed – is included in the standard package of Microsoft Office).

After running a window will open like the screenshot above, in this window you can choose a ready-made presentation template, suitable for your theme.
A template is an example of a finished presentation. You can open any of the proposed options and to see the appearance of the pattern and in parallel to read information about it.
But as we learn to create a presentation yourself, we are interested in empty presentation.

Before you start creating a presentation in PowerPoint get acquainted with the working space of the program. The top is a menu strip type. Left slide navigation, there are displayed the icons of your slides, using navigation you can remove unnecessary slides or reorder them. The center displays the slide that at the moment you are editing.
Making presentation in PowerPoint
Create slide and choose the layout
To get started, add more slides, click on «new slide». If you click on the white icon above the words «new slide», it will be automatically added with the layout of the header and the object, if click on the inscription itself down-arrow displays a dropdown menu with all available layouts.
During making presentation you can change the slide layout by clicking «layout» next to the button create slide.

At this stage I usually fill the titles of the slides on her report to see how many slides do I need and what models they will fit. After that, you can move on to making the presentation.
The topic of the presentation
One of the most important moments in the creation of presentation in PowerPoint is its design. To start pick a theme, to do that go to menu tab «design».
The topic chosen slide background and text style

To see the full list of topics click on the arrow with a horizontal line above it. The not so little, there is plenty to choose from.
In each theme you can change color solution that empowers you. To change the color palette in the section «options» to open the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow with the horizontal line and select «color».

Some topics slides with different layouts look different.

Don’t limit yourself with pre-installed PowerPoint themes, look for new themes in the network, today the choice is huge. If you work in a large company where there are corporate colors and your logo, it is probably from this company, there are specially designed corporate theme.
Make sure that the decoration does not distract attention from the main information in a PowerPoint presentation.
The last thing you should pay attention to the tab «design» is the size of the slides. PowerPoint offers two standard sizes, but also allows to set dimensions manually. This characteristic depends on the hardware on which to display the presentation.

Transitions between slides

Go to the tab «transitions». Transitions is the animation, which one slide after another. In PowerPoint there are three types of transition animations: simple, complex, and dynamic content. For each slide you can select your transition, but it is better to adhere to a single style.

You can adjust the sound and duration of transition animation, the sound is now rarely used, and the duration should be as small as possible.
Here you can configure the slide transitions, whether one slide change the other on your command click or shift will be made automatically after the specified time. If the presentation accompanies your presentation, the slides better to do «on click», you’ll never believe that at one time or another slide it will take exactly as much time as was planned. You may experience problems or you can ask a question, if you automatically change the presentation will run forward. If you create a mini movie using PowerPoint, auto advance slides for you.

How best to present information

Basic principles of filling in when creating a presentation in PowerPoint:
• less text
• more visual AIDS (pictures, graphs, tables).


The text must be well readable. Use a contrasting background (dark text and light background). On the big screen can affect the picture clarity, so don’t use fonts with rounded serifs and, at a great distance would be difficult to perceive.

Do not use the fine print to check the readability of the zoom slide up to 50-60%, if necessary, make changes. Ideally, use a font size of 28 and above.
Here are a few fonts that are perfectly suitable for the decoration of the presentation: Calibri, Arial, Tahoma, Verdana.
Text selection italic, underline and use bold only allowed to highlight key points (1-2 pieces per slide).
Visual information
Images, graphs and tables are easier to perceive than long postulates.
In most layouts, insert media, tables, and charts already provided, simply click on the desired icon.

Or you can insert a certain element using the insert tab in the menu.

Even with the use of visual information necessary to monitor the readability, don’t cram tables with hundreds of items in one slide, better break it into 2-3 slide or leave only a few positions for example.
I want to draw attention to the function of SmartArt, you can organize and without superfluous efforts to issue any information.

As you can see in the screenshot below, then you can apply for lists, processes, cycles, and so on. I remember the first versions of PowerPoint had to suffer when you create the hierarchy of painting everything in plain figures, and how long it took…

Now find a suitable list and just a recorded pattern information. Stylistic design blocks you can fit the design of your entire presentation at any time.

If pictures, graphs, tables and diagrams, all more or less clear, the use of audio and video is very easy to get in a trouble. If you are creating a presentation in PowerPoint you are using audio or video files, then when you transfer the presentation file to another drive and be sure to transfer media files, otherwise they will not be available for playback.
Animation in PowerPoint
We’ve already covered the animation of the slideshow, but the animations can be set for all elements of the presentation. To do this, go to the tab «animation» is allocated, for example, the header and select any animation.

When setting up the animation, each action will occur in a specific order, sequence numbers are indicated at the top left of the object.

Order you can change in the process of creating presentations on the tab «animation».

The most unusual pitch I saw was a presentation consisting of 2 slides: a title slide with information, where the elements followed each other with proper settings.
After you complete your PowerPoint presentation, go to the show.
The PowerPoint presentation slide show
For slide show go to the menu on the tab «slide show».

The presentation can be run from the beginning and from current slide (the slide that is open at the moment).
PowerPoint also offers time setting for automatic change of slides, it is a kind of rehearsal before the performance. The program will record how much time you spend on each slide and on the basis of this data, you can adjust the timer of the slideshow.
Record slide show allows you to record textual support of your presentation, which will be played at the show. You can voice selectively slides or the entire presentation as a whole. On the presented slides will be the icon player as in the screenshot below.

Random slideshow allows you to configure the display not the whole presentation, but only parts of it. This function is useful for adapting presentations for different groups of viewers.
Save the presentation (quality and file types)
The presentation is decorated, filled, tuned and rehearsed, you can go to its preservation. In this menu click «file».
If you recorded the sound, then start configure the settings for recording.

PowerPoint offers three ways to save multimedia and the ability to undo the previous compression.

Then click on the «save as», choose a location to save, name the file and specify the format.
If you are planning to edit a presentation in PowerPoint, then choose “presentation PowerPoint.pptx”.
To retain the possibility of further editing, choose “PowerPoint demonstration.ppsx”. When you select this option, the presentation will run immediately when opening the file.

It is always better to save and .pptx and .ppsx files are easier to edit an already created presentation, than create it again.
Now you know how to make a PowerPoint presentation, use your imagination and remember the basic principles of creation, then all your presentations will be memorable.