How to open ISO file, run the image or extract Packed files

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The issue of opening some types of files occurs in computer users, as not every extension supports a standard set of programs predefined in the operating system. Today I will tell readers about files disk image ISO and how to work with them.

How to open ISO file

Why the need for ISO files?
Programs that open ISO files
How to open ISO file with WinRar
How to run the ISO file with Daemon Tools
Why the need for ISO files?
My acquaintance with ISO files that began in the days when find software on the Internet was a big problem, but low speed and road traffic put an end to any attempts at online downloads.

People used actively drives and copied them from each other. Was in this process, one problem – many of the disks had the protection. Games without the disc in the CD or DVD drive, go, and to install programs required AutoPlay. In short, it was impossible to just copy the files I needed the disc itself.

During this period, there were programs that simulated the drive, creating its virtual counterpart, and the files they worked, received an extension of ISO.

The ISO file is an image file of a CD or DVD disk containing in compressed form all the data that is on the original physical (optical disk). In addition to storing the disk image, use this file format allows you to create exact digital copy of the original, writing the data to a blank CD-RW or DVD-RW.

Often ISO files are used for distribution of large Assembly programs or paid versions of volume products such as Windows, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, games, etc.

Programs that open ISO files

For opening image files there are two types of programs – archivers and emulators drives.

  1. Archivers
    These are programs that work with files. The main purpose of the archives is compression of information or the integration of a large number of different files in one, to make it easier to pass it anywhere. These include WinRar, 7Zip, and others.

In structure the ISO file is identical to other archival formats, therefore, supported the above archivers.

  1. The virtual CD/DVD drives
    The purpose of these programs is not working with files inside disk images, and create virtual disks, and connect the image files (ISO) instead of physical media. Emulators are not intended for editing or working with individual files inside the image.

How to open disk image file ISO to WinRar?
In the article «How to open RAR file» I have already talked about the archiver and its capabilities, so if you decide to get to know him more, go there. We are now interested in how to open an ISO with it.

Since the ISO files you have are not typical for the WinRar icon in the form of a stack of books, I believe that the archiver you have not or this file type is not enabled in its settings as a characteristic.

  1. If the archiver is not installed
    You need to download it from the official website –
    After running the installation file you will be asked which files to associate with WinRar. If you want to automatically open ISO files with this program, check this checkbox.
    winrar setup iso
    Now all the image files will have the appropriate icon and automatically open an archive by double-clicking.
    open the iso file with winrar
    The program allows you to make changes to the content of the archive to delete, add, and edit files.
  2. If WinRar is already and ISO will not open
    Files are marked as unknown – so the files are not associated with the program. In this case, it is possible to manually select WinRar when opening the file or change the settings of the program to understand ISO by default.
    To change the settings, run the archiver. Press Ctrl S or in the top menu, select the tab «Settings» and there «Settings».

In installations we need the last tab under the code name «Integration» – and it hid the treasured plate with the types of associated files. Placing a tick next to ISO and click «OK».

How to open a file to extract required data and changes we have found, we now turn to its use as an image.

How to run the ISO file with Daemon Tools Lite
To work with image files for the intended purpose can be used not only this program, there are a number of applications that create virtual drives and use images the ISO format, free version of each of them are almost identical in features and user interface.

I feel comfortable to use Daemon Tools Lite because of the official free of charge (no need to pay, to look for pirated versions and different cracks), and, most importantly, I got used to it.

The installation of the program

The official website for download application
Download setup file from there, when it starts it will offer to install the free version with ads or pay a small fee to use the pure product.
Next will be prompted to choose a language, the default is already Russian, if necessary, change.
During installation you can ask a few more questions (depending on the version of the program that is changing). In particular, you can select which labels to put in the system to allow you to transfer data statistics and what files to associate with the application automatically.
Installations may receive proposals for installation of software for different types of controllers – they are not mandatory but can be useful.

First run

First run of the program will occur immediately after installation, if you do not cancel this action by unchecking the box. When you first run Daemon tools will offer to scan all your hard disk drives (HDDs) to find the appropriate files (ISO and others involved). I recommend to remove all unnecessary checkboxes, leave only ISO.

At the end of the scan open the main interface of the program, where in the Central part will be used to host image files that were found during scanning.

Top right is a search box to search and add new images.

Icons at the bottom of the existing virtual disks, and on the left menu to manage (without which you can do).

In order to run the ISO file with Daemon Tools, you should select it with the mouse and drag on the virtual drive in the bottom panel. The image will be immediately mounted in the drive and it will autorun, if it was provided this file.

All virtual disks are perceived as normal and be displayed in the «My computer».
In such a disc, you can log in and browse the folders like a normal drive.

How to enable multiple discs
Daemon Tools is able to open multiple ISO files, mounting images in virtual drives. This means that it is not necessary to extract a single file before installing the other, you can run though all the found image files.

In this case, will automatically create a new virtual CD/DVD drive and the disk image is established in him.

Other useful features

The icon «Quick mount» allows you to add images to the drive directly via Windows Explorer, even if they are not in the list.

To extract the files and delete virtual disks, click on the drive with the desired letter with the right mouse button and select «Unmount» or «Remove» respectively.

In the paid version of the program there is still a lot of functions not open ISO images and their creation and burning on the physical disks if the functionality you need, then you can connect by paying a certain amount.

Today we have finished with you, I hope that now you will not have problems opening the ISO files and launch other types of images.