How to put a password on a folder in Windows without software and with them

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The question of how to put a password on folder in Windows occurs at the moment when on your computer appears information is not for everyone. Does not matter what it is – of secret documents that are worth hiding from competitors and employees or materials that are inappropriate for children, methods of hiding the same.
In the article, I’ll discuss six ways to lock the folders, one of which is based on features of the operating system, about which not all know the others work through programs:

  1. Password without any programs, Windows (the most convenient and reliable way)
  2. A password on a folder with WinZip or WinRar
  3. Program to block access to:
    a. The Program Dirlock
    b. Anvide Lock Folder Utility
    c. The Software Lim LockFolder
    d. The Program Password Protect.

How to put a password in Windows

The network is widely believed that to set a password on the directory without software using the standard features of the operating system is impossible – this is a misconception caused by the fact that computer literacy of users and many «Woe bloggers» is at a low level.
Security each new version of Windows better than the last, we must learn to make use of these opportunities.
The basis of zaparkowania folders are user accounts. In order to close the directory, a secret key must do the following:

  1. Create separate accounts for yourself and for other users. The default is only your administrator account, created during installation of the operating system.
  2. To put a password on your account.
  3. Specify what documents and directories are common and which are available only to specific users. To access such facilities all but you will need a password.
    As a result, to gain access to your personal data, you need access to an administrator account. The rest of the information on the computer (generic) will be available to all.
    Now consider how to put and configure, in detail.
    Create a shared account
  4. Included in the «start» -> «control Panel» -> «Add or remove user accounts»
  5. Select «create an account». There name, if there are any specific users you can for them to make the names (wife/husband, children), or something General, like «Normal user».
    From this point you will have a reception – is that you, and all the rest are other accounts.
    Put a passcode on the account
    For starters, in the list of users select themselves. Once you have created an additional uchetku you will have multiple users (at least 2). If you have forgotten how to make this choice to go to, again, the «start» -> «control Panel» -> «Add or remove user accounts»
    Then poke the link «create a password» and install it. There will be an opportunity to add a hint if the password is hard then I recommend her not to forget and not to block yourself access to your own computer.
    From this point the functions of the administrator are accessible only to you, all others lose them, but to use the drive, including all folders and files except for those that we ban next.
    Closing the folder with a password
    User accounts belong to different groups you are an administrator, the other users. In order to supply limited access to the specific folder is enough to remove the read permission for those folders for all users and leave it to the administrator (you).
    This is done as follows:
  6. Click the edits button of the mouse on the desired folder and select «Properties»
  7. Open the «Security» tab (this tab defines the rights of all groups and users to this folder)
  8. Under the list of groups, click «Edit»
  9. Choosing groups and users (usually the group «Users» and «authenticated users») put a check mark with the ban in front of the modify, read, read and execute, list folder contents (only).
    Changes are not propagated automatically prohibit access to this folder from all unauthorized. To access them you will need the password of the account to which access is allowed.
    The closing password of the archive to the folder
    The second way to put a password on a folder based on the package of the searched directory in the archive using a special program designed for the user and setting the access code to the files. This method is not quite correct to call a password to the folder as a folder, it ceases to be, turning into a RAR or ZIP file.
    But, nevertheless, the usability of this method of protection method on the altitude, as the program WinRAR for work with archives allows you to work with files and folders inside the archive directly without decompressing back. That is, you added data in password-protected files. In the future get access to them only when modelica. And all changes within the archive are automatically added inside by the archiver.
  10. Install WinRAR archiver
  11. Choose the folder you want to put a password and click the right mouse button
  12. In the context menu select «add to archive»
  13. In the settings window archive click the «Set password»
  14. Enter the password
  15. Create an archive by pressing the «OK»button
    I will only add one caveat – if the folder is large and there is no purpose to compress, and it is only necessary to set a password, then, when configuring the archive, set the option «no compression» – this will significantly save time.

Program to set a password on a folder

Disadvantage of this method is that it requires extra special software (third party programs), which is more for any purpose not used. In General, I recommend to use the special tools only when absolutely necessary when other methods are unavailable.
The program to set the password DirLock
No need to learn multi-page instructions for using the utility DirLock, as it is intuitive, even an inexperienced newcomer. To put the access restriction is 10 seconds.
Download the program here, you need to install on your computer.
After installation and configuration in the context menu that drop down when you click the right mouse button on the folder, you will see «Lock/UnLock» – this is the option set password.
If the item you have not got a gun, then run the utility and from the menu select «File», it is «Options». Opens a window where a menu is added with the button «Add ‘Lock/Unlock’ context menu».
After that any folder you can put a password and when you try opening a message box will appear stating that access is denied.
To reopen the folder will only be possible if the lifting of the ban via the same context menu «Lock/UnLock».
Unfortunately, permanent access to the folder is locked so to not work and the password will need every time to put on and off.

Lock folder Anvide Lock Folder utility

Another program that is designed to close with a password folders on your computer. The appeal is not harder than the previous one, just with slightly different approach.
Download the program Anvide Lock Folder here and install.
In this utility, the closure of the folder through the interface of the program itself.
How to put a password on a folder

  1. Run the program,
  2. Via the built-in Explorer (button ) find the desired folder,
  3. Click in the pane on the closed lock,
  4. Enter the password twice and click «Close access»,
  5. You can enter a password hint (if you wish),
  6. The folder will become invisible.
    How to remove password
  7. Run Anvide Lock Folder,
  8. Choose from a list password-protected the folder
  9. Press the icon to an open lock
  10. Enter the password and press «Open access».
    As in the previous utility to work with the contents of need to set and remove the code.

Put password software Lim LockFolder

This utility is 100% similar to the previous option. All buttons and function are the same, differs only in the appearance of the buttons (design). To understand it will be easy.
Download Lim LockFolder here and run the install.
Run the program, in Windows Explorer select the folder, put a password, then remove the button through the open lock – all in Anvide Lock Folder.

Program Password Protect

The last option of the article is programs Password Protect. Different from the previous tools that do not require installation on your computer.
To put a password on a folder:

  1. Open Password Protect
  2. Click the button to «Lock folders»
  3. Choose in Explorer the item you want and click «OK»
  4. Twice prescribe the access code and, if necessary, hint
  5. See the message about the successful closing of the folder becomes invisible.
    To work with the contents of this directory, the password will need to run the utility and press the «Unlock folder».
    Like all previous versions, to remove and put the passwords must be constantly is the main drawback of all programs, which is why I suggest to use standard functionality in Windows.


Six possible options zaparkowania of directories we’ve reviewed. Each of them has its pros and cons, so each must decide what to prefer – whether to trust the third-party software or take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Windows operating system?