How to sell on Etsy

Ноябрь 8, 2019 0 Автор Дмитрий

Take, for example, two people with «Golden» hands. One does not know where to apply your talent, and the second has a regular financial gain. All just dedicated to know — how to sell on Etsy. This kind of earnings can be viewed as earnings with the help of the Internet.

The talent is there, what to do with it?

In the world there are a lot of talented people. And if you think about it, how many people with skillful hands, so do a great many! All these people are somehow looking for an outlet for his abilities: sew and knit clothing, accessories, make shoes, make different useful things, from cutting boards to doll furniture, just not listed. The quality of these products are orders of magnitude superior to the factory, no wonder things are handmade (handmade) are so popular throughout the world. And especially appreciate such things abroad. The explanation I think is simple – in our country, periods of economic recession and financial instability are replaced one after another and no end in sight. People make purchases in accordance with their capabilities, better simpler, but cheaper. A handmade is and always will be more expensive, it’s not the pipeline – something made with love just for you, according to your wishes.

What is Etsy?

For sale handmade products and there are marketplace Etsy. This is an American resource for buying and selling handmade products. In Russia it became possible in 2009, and continues to this day. The interface is multilingual, but I want to warn you – if you want to sell the product, choose English language (if your English is «not good» — use the online Google translator, many do). Six months or a year translator you do not need, only in rare cases, when corresponding with a client or to develop new platform features.

Man creates at the site of his shop and quietly sells your creations or take orders for production (it is not necessary to run anywhere, to offer something or it is unclear to whom to grovel, «buy me, buy me…», sound familiar?). At the time of creation of store do not have to pay (by the way say for cash payments use PayPal – very reliable, with the guarantee of the protection of both seller and buyer). After setting up shop given the opportunity to put 40 products (they are referred to as listings) for free. Next putting the goods you’ll pay the system for 20 cents (about 12 rubles) for each product. Here you can say: «all the same promised no investment!», Yes, attachments will be, but not immediately – there is no want to hypothesis, and compare these investments to 20 cents (12 rubles) cost, you get 25 dollars (1500 rubles) of income – well, that’s me, others have bigger and smaller, depends on the product. No matter you sew cloaks of leather or cut out rabbits from paper – relevant to you in both cases will be the same.

The key thing to remember: the high quality of your work and meeting deadlines of production and delivery of products. Of course, you need to walk around the area to study the demand, price and the latest fashion trends (for clothes). Issues of pricing should be approached very carefully because it is your benefit, but at the same time do not put much too high a price, you think – who will buy mittens for $ 20 if the price of them 5.

At the time, for me, selling on Etsy was a godsend, there have been periods when the entire family for the month, two months, fed only through shopping site Etsy. Features store creation and working on the site i.e. how to sell on Etsy – these topics the following articles of the website.