How to solder aluminum

Декабрь 2, 2019 0 Автор Дмитрий

In this article I will share with you how to solder aluminium simple folk method. All materials and tools needed for this are in your Arsenal.

Why should it be soldering

In the practice of DIY, sometimes you need repairs things made of aluminum and its alloys. It happens – a broken thing, and you can glue (epoxy, for example), and sometimes to help you will only be able soldering. This applies particularly to tiny items – for example a chain or keychain, or pendant.

For brazing sold by many different fluxes, but in our case they are needed. For our soldering method need only rosin and alcohol, of which we alone will make flux. Still need knowledge of the «nature» of such material as aluminum. They will appear immediately after you read this article )

A bit of theory

Aluminium is known for its ability to instantly oxidize, getting on the air. Soldering it should be tinned with stinging (to cover with a thin layer of lead-tin solder). This prevents the oxide film that forms immediately after Stripping, like detail shines – it’s cleaned! But no, the film is already there ))) How do we overcome this dirty film? There is a way. Its essence is to not give the clean surface of the part to make contact with air and oxidized before applying solder.

Preparation and soldering

For the preparation of the flux dissolved in 50 ml. of alcohol and a teaspoon of powdered rosin. Pour the solution in a tray with low edges (very good for this purpose is half soap). Aluminum detail captured with tweezers and immersed into the solution, it needs to be immersed in it completely. Holding the part with tweezers start to clean up the future site of soldering can be cleaned with a needle, knife, etc. Cleaning, leave the part in the solution of the flux without removing the surface. Likewise with the second part.
For tinning and soldering use a soldering iron at least 40 watts. If you take a less powerful soldering iron – tip it will cool down by contact with the fluid and soldering will turn out poorly. Capturing the first part, turn it with tweezers so that the soldering is on top. Bring it closer to the surface of the solution until the surface will not remain 1-2 mm. Obslujivaem without removing the surface. Obiodiv, the item can be removed. The same do with the second part. The above work is best done in the air (on the balcony, for example), as it produces a lot of smoke with a sweet smell ) Solder the removed parts together. All!
The remaining flux drain into a suitable container and close it – it’ll come in handy. Thus, the question of how to weld aluminium and its alloys have been resolved. I really hope that this material will be useful to you.