Sending international parcels

Ноябрь 8, 2019 0 Автор Дмитрий

Hello friends! If you want to sell your goods abroad, the answer to this question as international shipping parcels for you is more than relevant. Will be considered the shipment «Mail of Russia» — this is the budget option, of course with its pros and cons. I use it for a few years and I’ll probably use it again.
In this article I will try to cover this topic from all sides, but if you have questions, I will try to give a comprehensive answer.
That is prohibited for shipment
So you want to send a parcel or small packet USA (for other countries are similar). The first thing we type in the searcher a phrase «that are forbidden for shipment by mail of Russia», read, and draw conclusions. I have to say that list these lists here makes no sense – you’ll have a big, bloated article that you will be uncomfortable to read.

Then do the same operations, only in the search write «banned in USA», even draw conclusions. I advise to take it very seriously, then not to wail when your shipment is «taxied» back – if goods are not delivered, this is definitely the refund of the money (you, of course).
Actually based on the foregoing, the range of your products, it is desirable to determine at the stage of setting up shop – why would you do the work you can’t sell?
The prepare shipment — packaging
The next step is preparing your creations for shipping. Take this carefully: people expect to get hand-made product, and if they expect something done with the soul, and packing things to suit the overall concept. In other words – you cannot send your work as some consumer goods in a plastic bag.
Packaging largely depends on the parameters transmitted item. Reproductions and paintings put in a cardboard tube, or even in a cut plastic sewer pipe (decorated accordingly, of course). Jewelry and jewelry made packaging boxes, personally I wrap their parcels in the so-called «Kraft paper» brown this, in Soviet times it sausage wrapped ) Parcel tied with jute twine and make a bow. With one hand glued card my store (in it – thank you for your purchase and all sorts of wishes). As in the post office for international delivery of parcels, usually nothing (in the best case bar codes), here shop ( ), which I already for a long time buy and packaging and plastic zip bags. Didn’t fail once, deliver mail and various transport companies.
Fill the Declaration, sign

Package Packed, you now need to sign the mailing package or box from someone else. With the signing of the difficulties should arise – as you wrote the shipping address, and write. Next, fill in the customs Declaration CN22 or CN23 – depends on the weight (the forms and rules of filling is on the Internet), which is marked as a gift, write that the package weight and date of departure, painted. Glue to the package with tape. All )))

The parcel

A few points that you need to pay attention to:
it is best to send small package ( ). In the mail you will be given a receipt.
On the receipt that you will give must be:

  • name and surname of the recipient
  • the city of residence of the recipient
    his postcode,
  • international tracking number (looks like this: RBдевять цифрRU).
    ALL of the language in which they signed a package of (typically, English) – in some branches of the freebies and write in Russian. Be sure to monitor this, because if there is a conflict (for example, the client receives the package, but will convince everyone of the contrary – and this happens rarely, but it happens ), marketplace and PayPal will ask you to show the track and scan this check. Check on the great and mighty one, as the argument in the dispute, will not be considered and the dispute you will lose.